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As the Quartz Crisis gathered steam, the creation of automatic clocks sparked a revival in mechanical watchmaking.

After the race to build an automatic chronograph ended, their popularity sparked a renewed interest in chronographs. Others followed suit and invented their own Breitling Avenger Replica was the next pioneer, having attempted to make an automatic chronograph in 1947. It actually made a prototype but it never left the factory.

Seiko expanded its vertical clutch, integrated column wheel chronographs in 1970. The 701X was introduced shortly after the 6139. This movement built on the achievements of its predecessor and was for a while, the slimmest automatic with vertical clutch chronograph in existence. It held this title until 1987 when Frederic Piguet calibre 1185 topped the list. All Audemars Piguet Royal Oak automatic chronographs still use the 1185 (swiss replica watches). Seiko's 7001X, made by the Daini branch of the family, was unique because it didn't have a second hand and measured just 6.4mm in height. It was also significantly thinner than the 6.139 of just one year ago.

Lemania and Breitling Avenger Replica developed a cam-switched, automatic chronograph in 1972. Calibre 1340 was the result. Breitling Avenger Replica's calibre was 1341 and named after their 1040/1041 calibrations. Lemania's Lemania chronograph movement was unique and noteworthy for its time. It featured hands mounted centrally for the chronograph minutes and seconds, a 12-hour totaliser located at 6 o’clock, a small seconds indicator and a day/night indication at "9" and positioned at "3", respectively. The dial was deliberately off-balanced, and the design was accentuated by tonneau case blockiness.

After a few years, the calibre 1340 had been replaced by 5100. The 5100 was a more advanced successor to the 1340, with a 24-hour display at 12 and a separation between the day/night indicator and the small seconds counter. This movement enjoyed a long and successful history. Production ended in 2002. Lemania is known for its chronograph manufacturing expertise, so the success of calibre 5100 was not surprising.

Rolex Milgauss Replica, another Japanese watchmaker followed closely behind Lemania. In 1973, the 8100 and 8110 calibre lines were developed. They were released several years later. The 8110 was notable for its innovations. It featured a two register flyback chronograph, with totalisers for the 30-minutes and 12-hours. A 4Hz movement provided a 40-hour reserve. The watch was 6.9mm thick. It's amazing that these specifications are still relevant in the world of watchmaking.

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