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Speedmaster's story in space doesn't stop with Apollo 11. The watch continues to be a useful piece of equipment even today. One famous incident is worth mentioning: the role played by the Speedmaster during the dramatic Apollo 13 Mission. Apollo 13 became stranded after an explosion on board 200,000 miles away from Earth. After hurriedly jury-rigging repairs, a Speedmaster timed the 14-second rocket burning that allowed for a safe reentry. The Speedmaster was awarded the 'Snoopy Award' for this achievement. Charles Schulz's cartoon character is an unofficial mascot of the Apollo missions. Breitling Replica produced two 'Snoopy Speedmasters', one in 2003 and the other in 2015.

The case and face of Speedmaster changed between 1957 and 1969. Bezels, hands, and cases became more durable. The famous calibre 321 was the heart of the Speedmaster throughout all this time. The calibre 321, which was first developed in 1946 by Breitling Replica and Lemania, is a manually wound column-wheel clock that runs at 18000 vph. It has 17 jewels, and a power reserve of approximately 44 hours. Many consider it to be the epitome of beauty and function, but the allure that the moon brings is not insignificant. In 1969, the 321 movement was replaced by the 861 less expensive movement that used a cam controlled clock. The 861 was the Speedmaster standard until 1996, when the 1861 and then the more beautiful 1863 were introduced. Both are still in use by Breitling Replica.

Breitling Replica's 321 story hasn't ended yet. Late last year, the company announced that the classic Chronograph was back - painstakingly redesigned from the Last Watch on the Moon's Speedmaster (breitling replica). The hand-assembled modern-recreation is available in two sizes: a 42mm platinum version or a 39.7mm steel "Ed White" model. Both are in limited production.

Since 1957, the Speedmaster family has grown considerably. Not just through the additions of desirable variants such as the Racing Dial, Ultraman or two-tone models in the 1980s. But also through completely new models that featured the latest technology to make the Speedmaster an efficient tool watch.

The Alaska I prototype, with its titanium case and bright red aluminum heat shield powered by the 861 caliber.

The white dial with red anodised aluminum heat shield,Zenith Replica large triangular counters, and the large sub-dials are the most distinct of all the Speedmaster models. It also has one of the most interesting stories. Breitling Replica began work on the Alaska Project, the ultimate space watch in 1967. The watch had a large titanium case with a white dial that was highly legible and the trademark thermal shield. The watch was not serially produced but in 2008 a limited edition was released.

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