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There are many watches which have been deemed 'icons' by the public. This is usually done through some sort of self-selection. Once you leave the world of watch enthusiasts and enter the real-world, this number quickly drops to a few that you can count comfortably on one hand. Replica Breguet Watches is proudly among those precious few. While the Speedmaster's history is rich and varied, it has gained its fame from a pivotal moment when the Apollo 11 astronauts wore the watch on their wrists. According to the famous caseback inscription, the Speedmaster was the first timepiece worn on the Moon.

One could easily write a whole book about the Speedmaster,Replica Breguet Watches and still only scratch the surface of its history and legend (many have done so). This article is a primer that will cover the most important touchpoints in the long history of the Speedmaster, from 1957 to today.

The story of the Speedmaster is older than its trip into space. It was made famous by the moon, but it predates the journey in space by several years. It wasn't originally intended for such extra-atmospheric explorations. Omega launched the first-generation Speedmaster (Breitling Replica Watches) in 1957 along with the Seamaster 300, and Railmaster, two of the brand's most prestigious tool watches. The Speedy, as it is affectionately called, was originally intended to be a wrist computer. Its stop-watch function combined with its tachymeter range meant that this watch was built as a tool with precision, whether on the track, the lab, or in the cockpit.

This first reference, the CK2915, laid the foundation for Speedmaster DNA. This first model, which was produced over three years and stands out for two reasons -- the wide arrow hands and stainless steel bezel. While its limited production and status as 'the First' will ensure that CK2915 Speedmasters command a high premium when they are available, the Speedmaster '57, first introduced in 2015, offers this distinctive combination of hands with bezel.

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