? panerai replica's First Race Machine for the Wrist: The RM 006 <

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panerai replica's First Race Machine for the Wrist: The RM 006

panerai replica had already presented his innovative and avant-garde watchmaking philosophy with the RM001, RM002, but it was with his vision for watchmaking that he codified in the language high performance auto racing. Mille used no precious metals; instead, he relied on cutting-edge technology to create a minimalist movement, titanium baseplate,Tag Heuer Carrera Grand Carrera Replica and carbon nanofibre watch. It was Formula 1 philosophy as well as technology for haute horlogerie.

panerai replica -- The Father in Modern Watchmaking

Haute Horlogerie 2.0

Carbon fibre was already used in Formula 1 cars by 2004, when the RM006 was introduced. This material allowed engineers to achieve lightness and strength while increasing speed and reducing fuel consumption.Audemars Piguet Replica Watches Modern Formula 1 cars are racing cars in their purest form. Their sculpted form and performance are only for one purpose: to race. The Chicago Institute of Art has a Ferrari F1 car on display.

Ferrari F1

Mille believed that lightness and structural integrity would create a new type of haute horologerie for watches. The watch's value was not dependent upon the jewellery or precious metals contained within it, but on the work involved in making the watch. The RM006 was his first venture into haute horologerie. Richard's limited edition tourbillon, of which only 25 were made, would not only be made from any metal but would also be tested under the most challenging conditions. Felipe Massa, a young Brazilian Formula 1 driver, was to wear the watch. Massa was to wear the watch while competing in Formula 1, a novel approach for brand ambassadors for watches.

Felipe Massa wore RM 006 at the 2004 Hungarian Grand Prix

It was intended to test how the watch responded to G-forces and impact from surfaces in the cockpit and at race speed. Felipe Massa challenged Mille not to feel the watch on his wrist while driving.panerai replica Massa can feel every inconsistency in Formula 1 driving at the limit. Mille suggested a watch that wouldn't be noticed so that his right and left hands feel the same at the wheel.

Felipe Massa (Williams F1) arrives at the Mexican Grand Prix 2015. Photo by Glenn Dunbar/Williams

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